Blue Frog was founded on the principal of LISTENING to our client’s needs and creating low cost and effective lighting and energy solutions based upon those SPECIFIC needs.  Many vendors push their agenda and manufacturers that provide the highest margins for them.  We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, not our margins.  This leads to high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business and referrals.  We believe this is the true way to conduct business for our clients.

We are also more than just a lighting company. We also have the capability for a wide array of sustainability & recycling programs and projects to include power studies and correction, electric vehicle charging stations, solar power solutions, grow lights, and eco-friendly bulb recycling.  Our clients have experienced tremendous success with our solutions, and we continue to create innovative ideas and ways to save on energy.

Blue Frog is located in Atlanta, GA, and uses its extensive network of suppliers and installers to provide a national network across the United States allowing us to tackle any market. Our verticals include commercial real estate, retail, schools, manufacturing, warehousing and just about anything else that needs LED lighting or energy reduction.