PowerAire is Here

Blue Frog is happy to announce our partnership with Alternergy and the distribution and installation of the PowerAire product.
PowerAire is the only ‘micro’ sized Micro-Trigeneration (‘M-CCHP’) system available today. It is designed and sized to provide all the benefits of Trigeneration to smaller footprint properties such as retail stores, restaurants, warehouses and office buildings.

Patented Technology

PowerAire’s unique, patented design offers true Micro-Trigeneration, providing cooling for the first time in a micro-sized system. This game changing technology provides all the power, heating and cooling for retail, commercial and industrial buildings.PowerAire further enhances the efficiency of its Trigeneration system with a patent pending design that captures and re-uses the engine’s thermal heat otherwise lost during operation to generate additional cooling and heating.

Cooling Without A Chiller

Large-scale Trigeneration combines Cogeneration (Power and Heating or CHP) with absorption chillers that produce chilled water by heating two substances in thermal equilibrium to separation then reuniting them through heat removal. This is a complex, expensive process.PowerAire instead uses a mechanical compressor to push refrigerant directly to produce heating or cooling, using a belt-driven compressor to pump refrigerant to a cooling system. The cycle is reversed for heating and/or a hydronic coil can be used for hydronic heating.

Modular And Flexible

PowerAire’s ultra-flexible and modular design allows it to be easily configured to match the exact requirements for any site’s specific size, power, cooling, and heating load for uninterruptable, low cost, power, cooling and heating.PowerAire integrates with both solar and wind power generation, including the sell back of power to the grid. Furthermore, it is designed to quickly and securely connect to the building’s existing electrical panel and HVAC system.